30-09-2014 - Minutes of the meeting of the Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries/HODs held on 28.09.2015 at 4.00 P.M.
19-09-2014 - Office Order dated 19-09-2014.
02-09-2014 D-161- Office Order dated 11-09-2014.
02-09-2014 D-158- Office Order dated 02-09-2014.
02-09-2014 D-157- Slum sanitation strategy in Delhi
02-09-2014 D-156- Office Order dated 02-09-2014.
22-08-2014 D-149- Regarding A/A & E/S, Award Letters and Commencement of work Generation through Project Management System.
22-08-2014 D-148- Office Order dated 22-08-2014.
11-08-2014 D-139- Office Order dated 11-08-2014.
14-07-2014 D-127 -Modified – Weekly Review Mtg on every Monday
14-07-2014 D-124 -Weekly Review Mtg on every Monday
11-07-2014 D-123 -Reporting of Dir(P&M) to Mem(Fin)
25-06-2014 D-110 -Field Inspections by all Members,CEs,Directors & SEs
19-06-2014 D-105 -Setting up of Water ATMs- in anticipation of approval of Board authorizing DJB to use of parcels of land at various locations
18-06-2014 D-104 -Change of portfolio-Prop,Slum Katras be looked after by Sh Ashraf in place of Sh Kamal Malhotra
23-05-2014 D-93 -Instrctions of all Exns regarding de-silting of drains etc., in close liasion with various field officers of concerned agencies
07-05-2014 D-88 -Certificate from the employees if any of their relatives are running NS or involved in such activities
30-04-2014 D-83 -Instructions to conduct inspection of all NSs to ensure adequate water supply
25-04-2014 D-79 -Modified Order regarding Public Hearing i.e., 11.00 AM to 01.00 P.M. on all working days except Wednesday
21-04-2014 D-77 -Circular regarding Public Hearing upto the level of Dirs & Exns
07-04-2014 D-74 -Instructions regarding Fire Safety Audit of Night Shelters in a time-bound manner while ensuring safety measures
28-03-2014 D-70 -Directions regarding digitization & reconcilliation of record of SUR Branch
18-03-2014 D-68 -Order regarding File Monitoring System. Updation of pendency status etc.,
14-03-2014 D-67 -Orders regarding e-office implementation. Constitution of Teams for implementation of e-office
14-03-2014 D-65 -Implementation of Bio-metric system to ensure discipline in office
19-02-2014 D-61 -Instructions regarding constitution of Committee of Experts to review the promotion in different cadres of Engineering
19-02-2014 D-60 -Constitution of Committee to digitize the records in DUSIB relating to allotment of plots, properties & lands
31-01-2014 D-47 -strengthening of Night Shelter Branch by deploying JLO and one AAO in addition to two Dy Directors
22-01-2014 D-40 -compliance of Instruction in view of the visit of the visit of Special Commissioners from H’ble Supreme Court to identify certain concentrations of the homeless and further requirement of NSs.
22-01-2014 D-39 -Inquiry ordered on receipt of call from HRC North Delhi regarding death of an inmate in NS
22-01-2014 D-36 -Order containing action plan to take care of users of NS in extreme cold (winter season) and also to mobilize the homeless people to use the nearby NS
20-01-2014 D-35 -Marking of attendance bio-metrically by all employees including Gazetted officers
17-01-2014 D-33 -Circular reg putting up the files properly containing typed note etc., condition of the file cover ‘File Monitoring System’ -
09-01-2014 D-29 -Order reg Public Grievance Mgmt System)PGMS) appointing Sh Pankaj Kr as Nodal Officer from DUSIB
02-01-2014 D-21 -Inspections of NSs & Homeless in open. In view of the decision taken at CM level for erection of Porta Cabins with provisions of all basic services in coordination with the concerned agencies.


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