The Night Shelters are vitally important during the winter season and constantly being monitored by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. GNCT Of Delhi decided that to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment to the homeless people in Delhi all Night Shelters (Permanent/Temporary) & emergency rescue service will be run by Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board in Delhi. Action plan for the winters of 2011-12 is as under:-

Permanent Night Shelter:- The DUSIB has 64 permanent night shelters (list annexed as Annexure-A). To enhance the occupancy of these permanent night shelters it is decided that for this year :

(i)There will be no temporary night shelter in the radius of one kilometre from these permanent night shelter until and unless occupancy of these permanent night shelters is more than 80% & these permanent night shelters will be run by NGOs’.

Temporary Night Shelter :- It is submitted that last year 84 no.(15 still working) of temporary night shelters were set up by GNCTD. For the winters of 2011-2012 DUSIB will set up approximately 45-50 night shelters at various locations and 30 are in operation from 16th December, 2011(List is annexed as Annexure-B). All temporary night shelters are being run by NGOs’.

DUSIB is ensuring that all structures for temporary night shelters should be fire retardant/resistant & water proof and strong enough to stand full winter season. DSIIDC has financed five temporary structures(worth Rs.15 lacs) as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility towards homeless people/weaker sections of the society. We are in touch with Power Finance Corporation Ltd. for financing of 10-15 structures for temporary night shelters. Care Takers/supervisors/Safai Karamcharies are to be deployed by the NGOs and they will maintain all basic facilities for human habitation without any charges from users.

Emergency Rescue Support:- This is for shifting of Homeless from Street to shelter, to Provide safe cover, First Aid and referral linkages with the health facilities and hospitals if they are not willing or difficult to shift to night shelter. The MNGO and each HRC are running at least one mobile vigil van from 10.00 p.m. to 4.a.m. in the night. The Help line numbers working on round the clock basis are 9868399222(MNGO) & 27120590 (DUSIB)

Public Awareness:- For the better utilisation of these night shelters DUSIB has launched a public awareness campaign. DUSIB will procure Blanket/linen & other necessary items from Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board of GNCT of Delhi or other Govt. Agencies if required in urgency. DUSIB is co-ordinating with Land Owning Agencies, Health Department of MCD & GNCT of Delhi, DC (Revenue) Office, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Police etc. for providing better services to homeless people.

Funding:- The request has been sent for grant-in-aid of Rs.4 crores (1.5 crore for Permanent Night Shelters and Rs.2.5 crores for Temporary Night Shelters) from Finance Department, GNCTD to DUSIB to run these night shelters. This amount will be used for setting up/rentals of temporary night shelters made up of temporary structures (fire resistant & water proof) and payment of operational charges to NGOs.

The GNCTD has allowed DUSIB to release Rs.75,00,000/- (Rupees Seventy five lacs only) as an advance for setting up of Temporary Night shelters, Public Awareness, emergency rescue service and Mobile Maintenance & Cleaning from Plan Scheme of “Construction, Maintenance & Management of Night shelters” on account of the fact that DUSIB has to start all Temporary Night shelters with basic facilities by 15th December, 2011.

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