Night Shelters for Homeless people in Delhi

  1. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board is nodal agency for operation and management of Night Shelter in city of Delhi.
  2. The department has established 198 night shelters which are being operated by various NGOs. List of night shelters is available at Click Here
  3. There are 84 night shelters in permanent buildings, 111 are in Porta Cabins, 01 is in tents, 2 are in DMRC units. The map of night shelters is available at Click Here
  4. Present capacity in night shelters is over 16,338, while occupancy was 8,260 in 198 of the old night shelters in the night of 17th Dec. 2015. Average occupancy is close to 50%. Live occupancy report, provided by NGOs managing the night shelters, is available at Click Here
  5. We provide durries, blankets, covered and enclosed structure, water, toilets and electricity in all night shelters. The NGOs are being paid by DUSIB to provide 3 caretakers and 3 helpers round the clock to operate these night shelters. NGOs are required to keep all the night shelters clean, manage entry, keep records of occupancy and report problems to DUSIB. NGOs are also required to motivate people sleeping in open to move to night shelters.
  6. We have set up a control room to manage complaints etc. the details are available here.
    • Additionally, 20 Rescue Team (RTs), run by NGOs, have been contracted to move people sleeping in open to nearest night shelters. RTs patrol at night to locate people sleeping in open.
    • If a homeless is found to be in need of medical attention, he is shifted to a hospital by CAT ambulances.
  7. We have appealed to general public through news papers In Hindi | In English to help us locate people sleeping in the open and move them to nearest night shelters.
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