The main function and duties of JJR Section –

(i) 44 JJR colonies developed by DDA under the old Plan Scheme of JJ Resettlement during the period 1960 – 85 were handed over to Slum & JJ Deptt. MCD for management purposes. At present, the main function and duties of the Zonal Offices in seven zones, is to issue Notices for recovery of Licence fee from the original licencees. Apart from that, since most of the allotments were made about three decades back, there are number of cases relating to transfer of license-ship etc. which keep pouring on regular basis and require timely processing. In all JJR colonies, divided in seven zones, there are about 200778 Residential Plots, 3128 Tenements, 85 Coal Depots, and 9374 Shops, 26 Kiosks, 7 Factory plots, 102 Pig Sheds and 7 Building Material plots. Five JJ colonies having Residential Plots measuring 80 Sq. Yds. are being dealt by L&L (JJ) Section. The efforts are also made by the JJR Section to take action against the defaulters in the payment of Licence Fee etc.

(ii) The Zonal staff under the administrative control of the Zonal Asstt. Director is authorized to issue demand notices for licence fee and the Zonal staff makes recovery from the allottee / occupants of the plots and deposit in Slum & JJ Treasury after getting it duly checked by the Head, Accountant and Asstt. Director. The Zonal accounts mades entries of the revenue received in the Demand and Collection Register against each of allotted plots.

(iii) As most of the plots in the JJR colonies, as mentioned above, were allotted by DDA and handed over to Slum & JJ Deptt. for management purposes only and as per old record, on uniform basis, Licence Fee of Rs.8/- per month is supposed to be paid by the allottees of 25 Sq. yds. Residential Plots and 12.5 Sq. yds. Commercial Plots in the JJR Colonies. In case of Commercial plots on road-side and on corner, License Fee was fixed at Rs. 16/- per month. The Licence fee was further revised by the Corporation vide Resolution No. 495 dt. 21.11.2000 wherein it was decided that the Licence fee increased @ 10% after every three years on the increased amount of Licence fee. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the Licence fee of Rs. 8/- is applicable only in the case of original allottee, but the instances have come to the notice where the plots have been sold and at present are being unauthorized occupied or where they have been trespassed, Resolution No. 372 was passed by the Corporation, but due to certain unavoidable reasons, it at present kept in abeyance. In the said Resolution, the Deptt. was empowered to charge certain amount of damages from the unauthorized occupants only and the trespassers were supposed to be evicted.

(iv) For review of policy of damages of JJR properties in JJ Resettlement Colonies / Slum colonies, a Committee was constituted of officers of Slum & JJ Deptt. under the Chairmanship of Dy. Commissioner (S&JJ)-II. The committee had submitted the report and the same was sent by Finance Section to the Municipal Secretary, MCD on 7.11.2002 in the form of Preamble for placing before the Slum Committee. The Slum Committee constituted sub-committee consisting Municipal Councillors on 14.7.2003. The Sub-committee was re-constituted on 18.7.04, 19.5.05, 4.7.06 and 5.9.07. The meeting in this regard was again held on 21.1.2010 and the matter was considered and is yet to be approved by the Standing Committee / Corporation.

(v) The Corporation, vide Resolution No. 1010 dated 12.2.09 and Resolution No. 741 dt. 08.2.10 moved by the members of Corporation without getting the comments of the Department / Commissioner, MCD resolved that the arrears of lease money be waived off from the occupations of 81 Resettlement / Relocation Colonies and they may be given ownership rights and till the scheme of ownership rights is not approved by the Central Govt., no amount be charged from the occupants. Since the said lands are Nazul Lands, the ownership of the lands vests with the Govt. of India and srequires to be dealt as per policy of Govt. of India. Moreover, the Hon’ble High Court vide orders dated 27.9.02 in CWP No. 4215/95 titled as ‘Pitampura Sudhar Samiti Vs GNCTD & Ors.’has retreated its earlier orders dated 12.10.98 that land allotted on Relocation Basis or under Relocation Scheme shall not be converted into Freehold. The fair Preamble for placing the matter before the Corporation through Slum Committee / Standing Committee for withdrawing these Resolution has been sent.





S.No. Name of Colony Resdl.(25 Sq.Yds.) Comml.(12.5 &25 Sq.Yds.) CoalDepot(80 Sq.Yds.) Kiosks FactoryPlots Pig-sheds Bldg.MaterialPlots(75 Sq.

Yds.)EAST ZONE – ‘A’1TrilokpuriPh-I & II1690865248   2Khichripur44051902    3Kalyanpuri4630207     EAST ZONE – ‘B’4Nand Nagri101153788    5New Seemapuri2982162     6Old Seemapuri3624240     7SeelampurPh-I,II,III & IV32461966    8Sunder Nagri50622682    9Welcome4311227     10Gokalpuri240257     WEST ZONE11KhyalaPh-I, II & III33381162    12Chaukhandi155445     13Pandav Nagar12141083    14Manglapuri1216      15Pankha Road1006      16Hastal258090     17Raghubir Nagar859263614 7 (courtCases)96 18Inderpuri3731374    19Raghubir Nagar(Tenements)1000      20Ranjit Nagar(Tenements)496      NORTH ZONE – Ä’21JwalapuriPh- I & II310546     22NangloiPh- I, II & III67384611    23Mangolpuri26304129011   724Sultanpuri216391062     NORTH ZONE ‘B’25Shakurpur77644419    26Madipur456624955 6 27Wazirpur45181752    JAHANGIRPURI ZONE28Jahangirpuri189381196513   29Nehru Vihar201410Not handed over to S&JJ Deptt. 30Aruna NagarLooked after by L&L SectionSOUTH ZONE31Khanpur124230     32Dakshinpuri57223256    33Tigri210638     34Dakshinpuri Extn.66713221    35Kalkaji Extn. (JJ Tenements)1248      36Garhi (JJ Tenements)384      37Sunlight Colony1295      38MadangirPh- I & II7240120




Total 213507

6 Pig sheds in Tilak Vihar which is not

a JJ Colony, but is being looked after by

West Zone as per report.

Residential Plots : 200778

+ Tenements : 2128

: 203906


(This information is on the basis of reports received from Zonal Offices).

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