23-12-2016 - D-874- Office order dated 23-12-2016.
25-11-2016 - D-76- Office order dated 25-11-2016.
13-07-2016 - D-35- Office order dated 13-07-2016.
10-06-2016 - Death Notification on 10.06.2016.
11-04-2016 - Minutes of the meeting held on 08.04.2016.
01-04-2016 - Office order dated 01-04-2016
29-02-2016 D-451 – Office order dated 29-02-2016
30-11-2015 – Office order dated 30-11-2015
15-10-2015 – Possession Letter 15-10-2015
03-07-2015 – Office order dated 03-07-2015
12-01-2015 – Office order dated 12-01-2015
12-11-2014 – Office Order dated 12-11-2014
18-09-2014 Delegation of Powers
15-09-2014 D-499 – Office Order dated 15-09-2014
21-05-2014 Payment of Grant-in-aid in r/o government of NCT of Delhi under the scheme JNNURM
14-03-2014 D-67 Office Order – e-office
14-02-2014 D-361 Office Order – Posting order in respect of superintending engineer (civil).
13-02-2014 D-38 Office Order – Assign the current duty charge to the post of superintending engineer (civil).
13-02-2014 D-37 Office Order – Regularisation
21-02-2013 D-60 Transfer and Posting of Engineers
20-02-2013 D-56 Restructuring of Engineering Wing
13-02-2013 D-45 Meeting regarding review of proposal In-situ projects under RAY.
13-02-2013 D-44Meeting regarding review of Housing projects under JNNURM
11-02-2013 D-554 Nodal Oficers in various offices.
05-02-2013 D-33 Weekly Review Meeting of Engineering Department.
28-01-2013 D-1114 Provide basic facilities of toilets, electricity & drinking water in the temporary night shelters on emergent basis under the directions of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.
24-01-2013 D-1111 Submission of inspection report on the prescribed format on each alternative days for effective supervision of night shelters.
10-01-2013 D-486 Transfer Order – Issued by Chief Engineer-I
10-01-2013 D-487 Transfer Order – Issued by Chief Engineer-I
20-03-2012 D-111 Office Order – Placing all Enforcement Divisions under Director(Enforcement).
12-04-2012 D-135 Office Order Sh. Ved Prakash, SE-I
12-09-2012 D-208 Office Order – Regarding fixing of sign boards in all vacant plots of DUSIB for public awareness issued by Chief Engineer-I
26-09-2012 D-225 Circular – Regarding testing of building materials issued by Chief Engineer-I
27-09-2012 D-247 Complaits of unauthorised constructions/encroachment/trespassing over DUSIB land & assets.
18-10-2012 D-305 Instruction – Regarding open drains/manholes prone to accidents
19-10-2012 D-747 Joint Inspection of properties in walled city and its extension.
18-12-2012 D-418 Circular – Regarding sign boards with correct indication of name of department as DUSIB and display of work details at the execution sites for public awareness issued by Chief Engineer-I
List of Jan Suvidha Complexes (JSCs) under DUSIB.
Status Note Toilets under YAP-I
Background Note YAP Ph
25-10-2011 D-119 Office Order – Management and protection of DUSIB properties, etc.
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