05-06-2021 D-432 Curfew Order dated 05-06-2021.
22-02-2021 D-357 Enforcement action for strict implementation of COVID Apporpriate Behaviour in NCT of Delhi.
16-02-2021 D-355 Taking Action on rumour mongering against COVID-19 vaccines.
27-11-2020 D-750 DDMA Order dated 18-11-2020 regarding Marriage related gatherings.
07-10-2020 D-326 regarding opening of weekly mkt and Cinemas / Theater / Multiplex,
19-06-2020 D-339 A Circular issued by department of administrative reforms and public grievances, gol was Endorsement by Administrative Branch to all Section/ Branches.
18-06-2020 D-330 ENDORSMENT – SOP on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in offices.
08-04-2020 Regarding safety measures to be under taken in COVID 19 duties.
10-04-2020 Regarding Social/ Religious gathering in the Lock down.
19-04-2020 DDMA Order No.64
06-05-2020 Order Regarding Stranded in 5 night shelter in District East.
19-04-2020 Order – Health & Family Welfare Department.
Protocol for using Rapid antibody test in Hot area – epidemiological studies and surveillance.
Pictorial Guide on Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016 Amended in 2018-19.
13-04-2020 DDMA Order No.46
17-05-2020 MHA order on extension of lockdown till 31-05-2020 with guidelines on lockdown measures
20-05-2020 DDMA Order No.182
03-04-2020 DDMA Order No.129
04-04-2020 The Appeal of Honourable Prime Minister to the people is to voluntarily switch off only the lights at 9:00 PM on the 5th April, 2020.
30-04-2020 DDMA Order No.115
Containment Measures – Meeting with States and Districts.
18-05-2020 DDMA Order No.176
18-05-2020 Guidelines on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in workplace settings.
09-05-2020 Clarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 lockdown period – regarding.
18-05-2020 Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 – Attendance regarding.
21-05-2020 Observance of Anti Terrorism Day on 21st May.
Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases.
19-05-2020 D-74 All DCAs, AOs, ACAs, AAos, Consultants and other subordinate staff must attend office on regular/ daily basis.
19-05-2020 Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 – Attendance regarding.
Circular – Tis Hazari Court
10-05-2020 Operating procedure for movement of stranded persons of MP & Chhattisgarh Delhi by Train.
04-05-2020 D-76 Office Order the officers/ officials and staff concerned.
10-05-2020 Revised guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases.
15-04-2020 MHA order with Revised Consolidated Guidelines.
23-05-2020 Delhi Health Bulletin COVID-19.
17-04-2020 RT PCR Testing as per MOHFW.
29-04-2020 Effective use of Aarogyasetu App for breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19.
06-05-2020 For handling of the Passengers coming from abroad and landing at Delhi Airport.
Additional guidelines for quarantine of returnees from abroad/ contacts/ isolation of suspect or confirmed cases in private facilities.
25-05-2020 Order – DDMA.
24-05-2020 DDMA Order No. 195.
28-03-2020 Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.
17-04-2020 Donation of one day’s salary to PM Cares Fund.
COVID-19: Guidelines on disinfection of common public places including offices.
Delhi Govt Press Release on extension of lockdown and issue of new guidelines 04-05-2020.
18-04-2020 Order: Consolidated Guidelines dated 18-04-2020
Protocols for your Hygiene.
Final List of 43 Containment Zone in Delhi.
14-04-2020 Order: Extension of lockdown till 3rd May 2020.
26-05-2020 MHA order to Administrators regarding refund of quarantine fee.
25-05-2020 Guidelines for domestic travel-air, train, inter-state bus travel by DGHS-Delhi.
Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19
29-04-2020 MHA Order on movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons.
11-05-2020 D-83 Office Order the officers/ officials and staff concerned.
18-05-2020 Delhi Guidelines for Lockdown 4
15-05-2020 Advisory for managing Health care workers working in COVID and Non-COVID areas of the hospital
05-05-2020 D-92 Circular – Office of the Budget & Finance Officer.
03-05-2020 D-03 Providing the details of Officers/ Oficials of GNCTD/ Autonomous Bodies/ Corporations/ Local Bodies of GNCTD found COVID-19 positive in their respective districts on daily basis.
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