23-08-2021 2980-2990 Important Project and Schemes of Govt. of NCT of Delhi for which Dy CM shall function as Nodal Minister for Coordination and Management.
23-08-2021 2969-2978 Dy Chief Minister, GNCTD, as Nodal Minister for Coordination and Management of the Salient projects and Schemes of the Govt.
30-06-2021 D-234 Sh. N. H. Sharma, SE (SE-2/QC) shallalso look after the work of SE-1/SBM/Planning.
30-06-2021 D-233 Sh. Satish Chandra Sharma, SE (Civil) stands retired from the services of DUSIB.
22-06-2021 D-219 Sh. B. V. Gautam, SE (Civil) assigned the charge of Director (Night Shelter).
10-06-2021 D-95 Sudden demise of Sh. Ajay Kumar, LDC of DUSIB of C09 division.
07-06-2021 D-10975 Sh. N.H. Sharma SE-2 is suffering from corona related illness and unable to join dities.
05-04-2021 D-74 Final tentative provisional eligibility list of Civil cadre engineers.
26-03-2021 D-153 Sh. S.K. Bhasin & Sh. Rajinder Singh addition the duties already assigned to them.
08-03-2021 D-123 Sh. V.S. Verma, Deputy Director (Night Shelter) is hereby designated as link officer for Sh. P.D. Ashok, Executive Engineer (SBM).
01-03-2021 D-117 Sh. V. S. Fonia, Executive Engineer (Civil) shall also look after the work of C-4 division.
24-02-2021 D-107 Sh. Satish chand Sharma, Superintending Engineer (Planning) shall also look after the work of Circle-1 and SBM Branch.
27-01-2021 D-55 Sh. S.K. Varshney, EE (C-10) shall also look after the work of EE (C-12).
27-01-2021 D-54 Sh. B.V. Gautam, SE-3/ Coordn. shall also look after the work of Circle-4 (SE-4).
06-01-2021 D-07 Joining in CE (Coordn) office on 18-12-2020 Sh. Satish Chandra Sharma as SE (Planning).
27-11-2020 D-442 Sh. J.N. Garg, EE (Civil) CDC, stand retired from the services of DUSIB w.e.f. 30-11-2020.
16-11-2020 D-2322 Reg. Information of Polling Station Location in r/o AC-56 (Kondli).
19-10-2020 D-382 Office Order regarding Booking of Community halls/ Barat ghars shall be done online through DUSIB portal.
11-11-2019 D-717 Regarding Blacklisting for 5 years from participating in the tendering process of DUSIB.
07-10-2019 D-11276-11299 Installation/updaton of Sign Board & Website indicating list of works executed under MLALAD Scheme in each Assembly Constituency of Delhi.
09-10-2019 D-1461 Minutes of meeting of State Co-ordination Committe with RGI on 27-09-2019 under the chairmanship of CS, Delhi.
26-09-2019 D-77 Director (P&M) have sent preliminary estimates to the undersigned for my recommendation.
12-07-2019 D-269 Regarding appointment of Nodal Officer for Outcome Budget
07-08-2018 D-280 Letter of Award for the work “Appointment of Financial Consultant cum Transaction Advisor for the development of housing projects on public private partnership (PPP) mode under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) for “In-situ” slum Redevelopment at different locations in Delhi.”
05-06-2017 - D-175- Office order dated 05-06-2017.
28-03-2017 - D-420- Office order dated 28-03-2017.
08-03-2017 Notice of Retirement
28-02-2017 - D-223- Office order dated 28-02-2017.
28-02-2017 - D-976- Office order dated 28-02-2017.


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