01-05-2023 D-383 Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners – revised rate effective from 01-01-2023.
18-01-2023 D-38 During Audit of Personal/ Service Book of DUSIB officals for the period 2010 to 2021-22.
01-11-2022 D-1110 Addendum regarding list of officials going to retire during January-2023 to December-2023.
14-10-2022 D-1082 Grant of Non-Productivity linked bonus (Ad-hoc bonus) to Central Government Employees for the Financial Year 2021-22.
11-10-2022 D-1069 Revision of Rate of Dearness Allowances to Central Government Employess – Effective from 01-07-2022.
06-09-2022 D-948 Modification of instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets on Government Account.
11-08-2022 D-841 Retirement List of January-2023 to December-2023.
22-06-2022 D-630 Special drive from 15th June to July 2022 for redressal of grievances of government employees of GNCT of Delhi: Pending pension matter.
11-04-2022 D-359 Endorsement – Grant of dearness allowances to central government Employees revised rates effective from 01-01-2022.
08-12-2021 D-970 Corrigendum-Retirement List of January-2022 to December-2022.
21-10-2021 D-894 Retirement List of January-2022 to December-2022.
11-01-2021 D-21 Corrigendum/ Addendum Regarding list of officials going to retire during Jan.-2021 to Dec.-2021.
12-11-2020 D-1070 Retirement List of January-2021 to December-2021.
06-12-2019 D-1606 Retirement List of January-2020 to December-2020.
22-11-2018 D-1670 Retirement List of January-2019 to December-2019.
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