24-04-2024 D-119 Calling Quotations for rate of Interest for investment of fund amounting to Rs.385.93 Crore (Tentative) in the form of FDRs.
20-03-2024 D-88 Notice Inviting Spot Quotations – Call quotations from professionals including chartered accountants for filling the Income Tax Returns for the F.Y 2018-19 to 2023-24.
06-02-2024 D-180 Joining of Sh. Harsh Kumar Arora as Dy. CA in DUSIB.
30-11-2023 D-141 NIT – Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm empanelled with C&AG.
29-08-2023 D-546 Calling Quotations for rates of interest for investment of fund amounting to Rs.210.45 Crore (Tentative) in the form of FDRs.
11-08-2023 D-127 Corrigendum – Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm empanelled with C&AG.
01-08-2023 D-124 Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm empanelled with C&AG.
11-05-2023 D-160 Office order for Work Assigned to Smt. Madhu Malti Modi(AO) and Sh. Harish Kumar Gulati(AO)
21-03-2023 D-293 Regarding conduction of AAO examination.
16-03-2023 D-273 Regarding conduction of AAO examination.
14-03-2023 D-94 Notice Inviting Tender – Preparation of Fixed Assets Register and Physical verification of Fixed Assets of DUSIB.
09-03-2023 912-1011 Common Assistant Account Officer (Civil) Examination 2021 (Part-I & Part-II).
06-02-2023 D-409 AAO (B&C) as assistance to Nodal Officer (Investment) is withdrawn.
06-02-2023 D-407 Due to administrative reason opening of QUOTATIONS D-403 dated 31-01-2023 is postponed till 08-02-2023.
02-02-2023 D-404 Smt. Madhu Malti Modi & Sh. Harish Gulati Accounts Officers have been assigned the work.
31-01-2023 D-403 Calling Quotations for rates of interest for the investment of fund amounting to Rs.55.00 Crore in the form of FDRs.
23-12-2022 D-354 Work assigned of Sh. Ajay Kumar, AAO & Sh. Manoj Jain, AAO.
15-12-2022 D-64 Technical bid committee meeting held in the chamber of DCA-1 Regarding “Engagement of chartered accountant firm for conversion of accounts from single entry to double entry system for the financial years 2016-17 to 2021-22 (six years).”
07-11-2022 D-139 Sh. Harish Kumar Gulati, AO has been stand relieved.
07-11-2022 D-283 CDC to the post of AO to Sh. Harish Kumar Gulati, AAO with immediate effect.
31-10-2022 D-141 RTI Appeal Matter
26-10-2022 D-42 REMINDER – Conducting performance and compliance audit of DUSIB for the period 2010 to 2021-22.
19-10-2022 D-52 Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm empanelled with C&AG.
12-10-2022 D-00 The following record for the Audit period 2010-11 to 2021-22 may be provided to Audit on priority basis.
11-10-2022 D-00 The following record for the Audit period 2010-11 to 2021-22 may be provided to Audit on priority basis.
07-10-2022 D-36 Providing record/ Information to Audit Party conducting performance and compliance audit of DUSIB for the period 2010 to 2021-22.
30-05-2022 D-17 The Audit Party No.2 from the office of directorate of Audit, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
29-03-2022 D-481 Sh. Rajeev Jindal AO has been given an additional charge of AO (Plan).
25-03-2022 D-111 Calling Quotation for Interest Rates for Investment of Fund in FDRs.
21-03-2022 D-474 Sh. Rajiv Jindal & Smt. Shashi Jain AO have been assigned the works.
28-02-2022 D-44 Sh. Ashok Joseph, Dy Director (System) authorized signatory in place of Sh. Shiv Kumar Tyagi, Dy CA.
29-06-2021 D-00 Regarding misplacement of self attested identity proofs of the undersigned in bank on 25-06-2021.
15-04-2021 D-26 Notice Inviting Expression of Interest from Nationalized Banks.
11-03-2021 D-943 In Supersession of all previous office orders, the following assignments are hereby made with immediate effect.
01-02-2021 D-891 The following additional assignments are hereby Sh. Shiv Kumar and Rajeev Jindal.
22-09-2020 D-687 Submission of schedules of GPF, GIS, BF and Pension contribution etc along with copy of Mail/ RTGS/ NEFT/ UTR.
22-09-2020 D-740 Exercising of option for Assessment of income tax in New/ Old rates.
21-07-2020 D-156 Streamline Court Matters. (HQ)
01-07-2020 D-308 The Internal Audit Program for the year 2020-21.
29-06-2020 D-90 Anual Report of DUSIB for 2019-20. (P&M Section)
19-05-2020 D-74 All DCAs, AOs, ACAs, AAos, Consultants and other subordinate staff must attend office on regular/ daily basis.
14-05-2020 D-73 Guidelines and Instructions regarding lock-down
18-03-2020 D-12 Engagement of Chartered Accountant for conversion of accounts of DUSIB from single Entry System to Double Entry Accounting System for the Financial year 2012-13 to 2015-16.
13-03-2020 D-90 Delegation of Powers Applicable on all Officers/ Engineers of DUSIB.
06-11-2019 D- 841 Delegation of powers under section 41 and 42.
11-11-2019 D-68 Retirement of Sh. Phool Chand, DCA, The work of DCA-III is redistribute between in the DCA-I & DCA-II.
26-07-2019 D-32 General Instruction regarding booking of Budget & Incurring Expenditure.
18-04-2019 D- Simplification of Pension procedure, timely submission of pension papers by the retiree.
20-11-2018 D-54 The work of AAO, E-02 will looked after by Sh. Ajay Kumar, AAO.
20-11-2018 D-53 The competent authority is pleased to order following transfer/ posting with immediate effect.
20-08-2018 D-46 Consequent upon the promotion of Ms Meenu Dua & Sh. Phool Chand.
13-08-2018 D-1552 Monitoring of PRAGATI – Grievance Redressal category of e-Samiksha Portal.
26-07-2018 D-71 Implementation of various Plan schemes and to ensure proper financial management.
03-04-2018 D-607 Adherence to protocol for engagement with Multilateral Development Banks, Bilateral Agencies/Partners and International Financial Institutions in India.
31-10-2017 D-28 Rush of expenditure in the closing months of financial year.
31-10-2017 D-27 Up-dation/ completion of nominations and other service record of the employees of the DUSIB.
09-10-2017 D-1785 ENDORSMENT (Establishment Branch).
22-09-2017 Amendment to the rule 170(i) of general financial rules (GFR), 2017
18-09-2017 Payment to suppliers etc. by govt. departments through e-Payment.
24-08-2017 Office order dated 28-08-2017.
20-07-2017 D-13 Transfer/ Posting of DCA’s
21-06-2017 D-127 Minimum Wages
25-05-2017 Minutes of the meeting held on 08.05.2017
10-04-2017 Regarding Comprehensive review of all Autonomous Bodies(Abs).
06-04-2017 Endorsement Dated:06-04-2017
14-02-2017 Office order dated 14-02-2017.
12-08-2016 Office order dated 12-08-2016.
08-04-2016 Office order dated 08-04-2016.


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