DUSIB Promotion DUSIB Seniority List
11-06-2024 D-448  Departmental Examination for promotion to the post of Head Clerk carrying the pay scale Rs. 9300-34,800/- G.P. 4600/- is scheduled to be held on 22.06.2024(Saturday).
30-05-2024 D-414  Circular Regarding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of Head Clerk.
22-05-2024 D-369  Advertisement for the post of Chief Engineer (Civil), Chief Engineer (Electrical), Superintending Engineer (Civil), Superintending Engineer (Electrical), Budget & Finance Officer Etc. has been extended by 5th June 2024.
22-05-2024 D-41  Regarding CGHS/ DGEHS approved rates (Dr. Sanjay Jain).
22-05-2024 D-40  Regarding CGHS/ DGEHS approved rates (Dr. Amit Chopra).
13-05-2024 D-80  Transfer & posting amongst the Dy. Directors Sh. Pradeep Chandola & Sh. Belam Singh.
10-05-2024 D-189  Superannuation of Sh. Rakesh Sharma, Dy. CA-I w.e.f. 30-04-2024, Sh. Harsh Arora, Dy. CA-II is hereby entrusted with the additional charge of Dy. CA-I till further order.
06-05-2024 D-360  Central Civil Services (Implementation of National Pension System) Rules, 2021.
07-05-2024 D-335  Medical Contribution at the Current Prevailing Rates applicable as per 7th CPC.
06-05-2024 D-330  For the smooth running of office work.
30-04-2024 D-314  Review/ Amend the proposed Recruitment Rules & Regulations of service conditions of all categories of DUSIB.
15-04-2024 D-279  Completion of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APARs) for the Financial Year 2023-24 – reg.
15-04-2024 D-307  Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy in accordance with New Education Policy, 2020.
10-04-2024 D-270  Regarding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of Head Clerk.
10-04-2024 D-294  Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners – Revised rate effective from 01-01-2024.
09-04-2024 D-71  Committee composition of Officers Recruitment Rules and Regulation of DUSIB.
05-04-2024 D-288  Clarification regarding admissibility of Travel by Tejas Trains while availing of LTC-regarding.
04-04-2024 D-261  Regarding Immediate action to be taken for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct after announcement of General Election to house of the people Lok Sabha, 2024.
02-04-2024 D-186  Empanelled 10 nos. of Retired Officers as Inquiry Officers in DUSIB for conducting departmental inquires under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 for a period of 3 years.
01-04-2024 D-277  Revision of rates of Dearness Allowance to Central Government Employees effective from 01-01-2024.
22-03-2024 D-241  Medical reimbursement of DUSIB employees
20-03-2024 D-59  Officer order of transfer & relieving of Sh. Prashant Raghav
19-03-2024 D-233  Terminate the services of Sh. Bipin Kumar Rai, Expert (non-official) & Sh. Amarendra Kumar, Expert (non-official) w.e.f. 13-03-2024.
12-03-2024 D-54  Sh. P.K. Jha, Pr. Director who permanently absorbed w.e.f. 03-03-2004 in erstwhile Slum & JJ Department, MCD (now DUSIB).
08-03-2024 D-208  Advertisement for the post of Chief Engineer (Civil), Chief Engineer (Electrical), Superintending Engineer (Civil), Superintending Engineer (Electrical), Budget & Finance Officer Etc. on deputation basis.
29-02-2024 D-37  Promote the following AE (Civil) presently working as EE (Civil) on CDC/ look after charge to the post of EE (civil) in pay matrix level-11 on regular basis.
29-02-2024 D-38  Notional Promotion to Group C to Group C posts & Group C to Group B posts.
26-02-2024 D-349  Condemnation Committee.
19-02-2024 D-30  Tentative Eligibility list of Assistant Engineer (Civil).
08-02-2024 D-23  The following work distribution the below Dy. Directors is hereby made with immediate effect.
05-02-2024 D-143  Regarding updating of total number of employees in DUSIB.
29-01-2024 D-70  Draft Seniority list of Head Clerks in DUSIB.
23-01-2024 D-11  Draft eligibility list of Assistant Engineer (Civil) for promotion to the post of Ex. Engineer (Civil) in DUSIB.
15-01-2024 D-49  Proforma for Grant of ACP/ MACP.
12-01-2024 D-40  Circular on punctuality for Office Attendance.
10-01-2024 D-29  Departmental Competitive Examination to fill up 12 posts of the grade of Head Clerk in the PB-2.
10-01-2024 D-08  Transfer posting in respect of EE (Civil) on CDC and Lookafter Charge.
08-01-2024 D-17  Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return for the year 2023 (as on 31-12-2023) by the officers of Group A & B -reg.
05-01-2024 D-05  Promote the following Junior Engineer (Civil) to the post of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in Pay Matrix Level-7 with effect from the date.
22-12-2023 D-1003  Information regarding notification of the Delhi Right Way (RoW) Policy for underground infrastructure and over ground telecommunications infrastructure, 2023.
22-12-2023 D-1002  Submission of Immovable Property Return for the year-2021 by the officers of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’
08-12-2023 D-946  Circulars on punctuality for attendance.
08-12-2023 D-459  Endorsement – Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/ family pensioners.
04-12-2023 D-937  Minutes of meeting taken by Addl. Chief Secretary (UD) on 22-11-2023 at 10:30 AM.
16-11-2023 D-877  Procedure, Policy and Criterion for appointment on compassionate ground in Govt. of NCT of Delhi – regarding.
15-11-2023 D-871  Deployment of DUSIB Staff on Election Duty.
13-11-2023 D-858  Regarding Attendance and Punctuality for employees.
13-11-2023 D-857  Minutes of meeting dt 23-10-2023 Urgent Stage-II order dt 21-10-2023 and meeting notice for 01-11-2023.
10-11-2023 D-229  Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) in the Pay Matrix Level-6 to following 67 numbers of UDCs.
09-11-2023 D-395  List of DUSIB Employees for the purpose of GIS effective.
07-11-2023 D-836  Regarding Disposal of business by the departments of GNCTD under the provisions of GNCTD act 1991 & amendments there to issued from time to time including GNCTD (amendments) act 2023.
06-11-2023 D-226  Sh. P.K. Jha, Principal Director is hereby designaed as Head of Office.
01-11-2023 D-225  Work distribution of Sh. Pradeep Chandola, (Dy. Dir.) & Sh. Bhupesh Kumar, (Dy. Dir.).
01-11-2023 D-822  Regarding Phool waalon ki sair.
30-10-2023 D-818  Regarding Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day).
19-10-2023 D-793  Department Exam in Simple Accounts for JE (Civil)/ (Elect.).
17-10-2023 D-790  Regarding Run Against Pollution campaign.
17-10-2023 D-789  No financial benefits, whatsover will be given to the offical from effective date of notional promotion.
17-10-2023 D-786  Regarding the implementation of the government of national capital territory of Delhi (amendment) act, 2023.
13-10-2023 D-214  The following work distribution amongst the below Dy. Directors is hereby made with immediate effect.
06-10-2023 D-207  Sh. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, UDC is posted in EE (E3).
05-10-2023 D-01  A weekly review meeting reg. functioning/ progress of various department of DUSIB in CR on every Thursday at 2:00 PM. [PRINCIPAL DIRECTOR]
29-09-2023 D-745  General Election to Lok Sabha, 2024.
14-09-2023 D-703  3rd National Conference of Chief Secretaries of States/ UTs.
29-08-2023 D-195  Assign the CDC to the post of Director to Sh. Rama Kant Sharma, Dy. Director with immediate effect.
24-08-2023 D-660  The following circulars related to the Medical Reimbursement of DUSIB Employees.
24-08-2023 D-194  Sh. K.P. Singh, EE C-11 assign of additional charge of Dy. Dir. (Night Shelter).
21-07-2023 D-561 Carrying out de-novo analysis for reduction of compliance and review all Acts/ Rules/ Regulations in light of the principles laid down for the decriminalization by the committee of the Jan Vishwas Bill 2022.
10-07-2023 D-545 Recommendation/ Nomination for Padma Awards to be announced on the occasion of Republic Day 2024.
07-07-2023 D-166 Promotion of following UDCs to the post of Head Clerk/ Assistant in Pay Matrix-07 on regular basis.
06-07-2023 D-165 Discontinue with the services of the following persons/ officials.
22-06-2023 D-161 All the files of Admn./ Vig. branch shall be routed through Sh. P. K. Jha, Principal Director.
21-06-2023 D-472 U.O.No.25(10)/2023/RN/336/A-1671 dated 19-03-2018 received from Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor on matters to Reserved Subjects.
20-06-2023 D-158 Approval to re-designate Sh. P.K. Jha, Director as Pr. Director, DUSIB.
19-06-2023 D-465 Regarding strict compliance of The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023.
13-06-2023 D-451 1. Regarding Mission Lifestyle./ 2. Regarding necessary instruction while submission of files to Hon’ble Minister.
09-06-2023 D-443 Sitting of the Committee on Petitions to be held on 25th May 2023 at 3:00 PM.
05-06-2023 D-431 Instruction of Hon’ble Minister, UD regarding provision of TBR.
29-05-2023 D-150 Approval for daily wages tenure of the following employees working on Daily wages basis on compassionate ground.
29-05-2023 D-149 Shri Dinesh Gupta, UDC, is continued to work in L&L Section divesting the charge of Housing Branch, in addition to already assisgned work.
29-05-2023 D-148 Promotion of following Head Clerk for the post of Assistant Director in Pay Matrix – 8 on regular basis.
26-05-2023 D-419 Minutes of the meeting held on 5th May’2023 under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister of UD, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
25-05-2023 D-416 Revision of Minimum rates of wages in Scheduled Employments under Minimum Wages Act, 1948 in NCT of Delhi.
24-05-2023 D-147 Assigning the charge of Chief Engineer (Civil), Sh. V.S. Fonia is hereby assigned the charge of CE Zone-I, II, Coordination, IT, Electrical, Town Planning & Night Shelter.
24-05-2023 D-146 Sh. U.M. Rao, Dy. Director is here by transfered from vigilance cell & posted in R.P. Cell.
23-05-2023 D-145 Work distribution amongst the below named Dy. Directors is hereby made with immediate effect.
22-05-2023 D-144 Assign the Current Duty Charge (CDC) to the post of Chief Engineer (Civil) to Sh. V.S. Fonia, SE (Civil) with immediate effect.
22-05-2023 D-143 Approval for promotion to the post of Head Clerk in Pay Matrix Level-07.
22-05-2023 D-142 Promote the following LDCs to the post of UDCs in Pay Matrix Level-04 on regular basis.
19-05-2023 D-139 Sh. V.S. Fonia, SE (Civil) is hereby designated as Nodal Officer (GeM) from DUSIB for making procurement in govt. e-Marketplace Portal.
18-05-2023 D-71 Office of Competent Authority, DUSIB Tis Hazari Court the following arrangement of PIO & FAA.
15-05-2023 D-134 Sh. V.S. Fonia, SE (Civil) on Current Duty Charge (CDC) to the post of SE (Civil) in Pay Matrix Level-12 w.e.f. 01-09-2022.
09-05-2023 D-179 Sh. Tarkeshwar Kunwar, EE E-03, E-04, QC is given additional charge of EE Planning (Elect.) with immediate effect.
09-05-2023 D-226 Approval to register Sh. Rajesh Sharma, Head Clerk (CT) as Buyer/ Consigning Officer, DUSIB on GeM Portal.
09-05-2023 D-340 Action taken report or before 13-05-2023 on directions of Hon’ble LG w.r.t. meeting dated 05-04-2023.
02-05-2023 D-127 Sh. Rajbir Singh, Adhoc DANICS CDC of Director, the following work has been assigned with immediate effect.
02-05-2023 D-327 Nomination of Doctor from DGEHS.
01-05-2023 D-383 Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners – revised rate effective from 01-01-2023.
27-04-2023 D-124 Assign the CDC of Director to Sh. Rajbir Singh, Adhoc DANICS/ Dy. Director with immediate effect.
26-04-2023 D-294 Status report regarding vacant posts in respect of SCs,STs & OBCs.
26-04-2023 D-293 Advertisement for the post of Chief Engineer (Civil), Chief Engineer (Electrical), Superintending Engineer (Civil), Superintending Engineer (Electrical), Budget & Finance Officer, Accounts Officer & Assistant Accounts Officer.
25-04-2023 D-122 Joining of Sh. Rajbir Singh, Adhoc DANICS to the post of Dy. Dirctor on deputation basis in DUSIB.
18-04-2023 D-11 Regarding Har Ghar Dhyan Campaign. Sh. G.L. Kateja, Dy. Director (Rehab.) is hereby nominated as Meditation Ambassador for Campaign.
17-04-2023 D-118 Sh. Kulvendra Yadav, Adhoc DANICS/ Dy. Director (DUSIB) on deputation is hereby relieved from DUSIB w.e.f. 17-04-2023 (AN).
13-04-2023 D-266 Approval for extension of deputation period of Smt. Anuradha Jain, AO (Adhoc) of DUSIB in DSIIDC w.e.f. 21-01-2023 to 20-01-2024.
12-04-2023 D-298 1. Revision of rates of Dearness Allowance to Central Government Employees effective from 01-01-2023./ 2. Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 – Fulfilment of procedural requirements.
12-04-2023 D-262 Completion of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APARs) for the financial year 2022-23 – reg.
06-04-2023 D-244 Regarding issuance of appreciation certificate to the Corona Warriord who were worked during the pandemic of COVID-19 management.
05-04-2023 D-112 Repatriate Sh. Om Prakash working as EE (Elect.) on deputation to DUSIB with immediate effect.
05-04-2023 D-241 अग्रसारित – निम्नलिखित पत्रों की प्रति सूचनार्थ एवं आगे की आवश्यक कार्रवाई हेतु अग्रेषित की जाती है।
29-03-2023 D-230 Grant of ex-gratia of Rs.1 Crore to the family of employees who were deployed for Covid-19 duties by Govt of NCT of Delhi and expired by contracting the disease during discharge of their duties as per Cabinet Decision No. 2835 dated 13-05-2020 amended vide Cabinet Decision No. 3065 dated 31-01-2022.
23-03-2023 D-216 Reg. Minutes of meeting of the Senior Officers taken by Chief Secretary, Delhi on 09-03-2023.
20-03-2023 D-99 Sh. Pankaj Joshi, Adhoc DANICS as Dy. Dir. is hereby repatriated to his parent department.
17-03-2023 D-198 Regarding Minutes of Senior Officers taken by Chief Secretary on 10-02-2023 at 11:30 AM.
10-03-2023 D-183 Regarding furnishing of certificate affirming completion of maintenance/ updation of Service Book for Employees of GNCTD of Delhi-Roll Out of e-HRMS.
10-03-2023 D-181 Onboarding on iGOT Karmayogi digital platform under “Mission Karmayogi”- (NPCSCB), regarding direction for mandatory registration of newly appointed government servent as “Karmayogi Prarambh”.
01-03-2023 D-161 A compaign to reduce pendency in the GNCTD offices and to weed out the old files and scrap under the compaign ‘Swatchhta’.
28-02-2023 D-159 The government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2021, regarding.
28-02-2023 D-160 Medical reimbursement of DUSIB employees.
28-02-2023 D-25 Sh. K.L. Sharma, DCA is hereby relieved from DUSIB.
27-02-2023 D-81 Entire of Night Shelter was assigned to Sh. V.S. Fonia, SE (Civil).
21-02-2023 D-76 Sh. V.S. Fonia, SE (Civil) in addition to already assigned work of Zone 01 to 08.
15-02-2023 D-74 The works of following Dy. Directors are hereby re-distributed with immediate effect.
09-02-2023 D-64 The following distribution of work amongst Dy. Directors is made with immediate effect.
06-02-2023 D-62 Name & Contact detail of Committee of Member’s on Sexual Harassment of Women at work place.
02-02-2023 D-60 Sh. Vijay Kumar Maggo, JLO assign the CDC of LAW Officer.
31-01-2023 D-59 Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) in the Pay Matrix Level-6.
18-01-2023 D-38 Medical Reimbursement of DUSIB Employees.
17-01-2023 D-35 The following distribution of work amongst Directors is made with immediate effect.
17-01-2023 D-34 Sh. Kulvendra Yadav, Adhoc DANICS Dy. Dir. to assign the CDC of Director.
13-01-2023 D-16 Joining of Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sharma as Dy.CA.
10-01-2023 D-14 Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return for the year 2022 (as on 31-12-2022) by the Officers of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ – reg.
05-01-2023 D-08 Directors/ Chief Engineer shall invariably mark their attendance in the Bio-Metric machines.
05-01-2023 D-07 Sh. Jagdev Singh, Director is reverted back to the post of Dy. Director.
03-01-2023 D-05 Promote the following Personal Assistants to the post of Private Secretary in pay matrix level-8 on regular basis.
03-01-2023 D-03 Regarding timely submission of intimation by officers under AIS (Conduct) Rules, 1968 and CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964.
02-01-2023 D-02 Promotion of Smt. Neelam Arora & Smt. Gurvinder Kaur Architectural Assistants to the post of Assistant Architect in pay matrix level-10 on regular basis.
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