DUSIB Promotion DUSIB Seniority List
10-08-2022 D-532 Notice regarding “Standing Technical Sub-Committee (STSC).”
10-08-2022 D-208 Joining of Sh. Pritpal Singh Virk to the post of Executive Engineer (Electrical)in the pay matrix level-11 on deputation basis in DUSIB.
02-08-2022 D-201 Sh. Vijay Pal Singh, Asstt. Director is hereby nominated/ designated as Nodal officer for the distribution of Flags under “Har Haath Tiranga” campain among the employee of the DUSIB.
29-07-2022 D-201 Celebration of 75 years of India’s Independence/ Har Ghar Tiranga Progtam 13th to 15th August,2022.
28-07-2022 D-192 The officials transfered & posted videorder no. D-173 dated 08-07-2022 are hereby STAND RELIEVED with immediate effect.
21-07-2022 D-475 Regarding ACRs/ APARs.
21-07-2022 D-183 Work assigned of Sh. Praveer Kumar Singh, DANICS and Sh. Prashant Raghav, Adhoc DANICS for the post of Dy. Directors
20-07-2022 D-182 Joining of Sh. Praveer Kumar Singh, DANICS to the post of Dy. Director on deputation basis in DUSIB.
20-07-2022 D-181 Joining of Sh. Prashant Raghav, Adhoc DANICS to the post of Dy. Director on deputation basis in DUSIB.
18-07-2022 D-179 Sh. P.K. Jha new assignment of duties in respect of following director.
15-07-2022 D-178 Joining of Sh. Ram R. Singh, Adhoc DANICS to the post of Dy. Director on deputation basis in DUSIB.
14-07-2022 D-177 Sh. G.L Kateja, DD & Sh. Ramadhar Mehto, AD are hereby deployed in REHAB Branch.
14-07-2022 D-175 Sh. Sunil Kumar Singh, IAS Member (Admn/Engg/Fin) DUSIB is also assigned the charge of CVO, DUSIB.
13-07-2022 D-174 Sh. Pankaj Joshi, Director assignment of new duties LAW & B&FO.
12-07-2022 D-681 Circular Re: Office Attendance.
12-07-2022 D-453 Regarding Vigilance Report & Last Pay Certificate (LPC) in respect of Sh. Pankaj Kumar, AE (Civil).
12-07-2022 D-452 A review committee has been constituted in DUSIB to identify the employees who are covered under following points.
08-07-2022 D-173 The following Transfer/ Posting, in the first instance, is made with immediate effect.
08-07-2022 D-172 Tenure of engagement of contractual Junior Engineer (Civil & Electrical).
01-07-2022 D-169 Transfer of Sh. Belam Singh and Sh. G.L. Kateja, Dy. Directors.
30-06-2022 D-418 Sh. G.L. Kateja, Dy. Director is hereby nominated as Nodal Officer for the Har Ghar Tiranga program from DUSIB.
30-06-2022 9233 MOM held on 26-06-2022 at 3:00 PM under the chairmanship of the CS, Delhi.
28-06-2022 D-163 “Promote Sh. N.N. Singh, JE (Civil) to the post of AE (Civil) in the Pay Matrix Level-7.
28-06-2022 D-162 Approve the consolidated remuneration & conveyance allowance in respect of Sh. Amarendra Kumar, Member (Expert).
24-06-2022 D-160 Work assigned of Sh. K.L. Sharma, DCA-I & Sh. Vikas Chabra, DCA-II.
22-06-2022 D-395 Online Vigilance Clearance System regarding.
22-06-2022 D-393 Finalization of terms & conditions in respect of Sh. K.L. Sharma, DCA.
22-06-2022 D-389 “Har Ghar Tiranga” program regarding.
21-06-2022 D-177 Inviting application from students of universities & colleges in Delhi for Internship in DUSIB.
20-06-2022 D-158 Transfer of Sh. Belam Singh and Sh. G.L. Kateja, Dy. Directors.
17-06-2022 D-156 Transfer/ Posting of Smt. Anju Kholi Dir(TP) to SE-2.
17-06-2022 D-155 Joining of Sh. Ranjeet Kr. Meena to the post of JE (Civil) in the pay matrix level-6.
16-06-2022 D-36 Approval to register Sh. Vijay Pal Singh, Asstt. Director (CT) as Buyer/ Consigning Officer, DUSIB.
15-06-2022 D-153 Joining of Sh. K.L. Sharma to the post of DCA on deputation basis.
08-06-2022 D-147 Transfer of Sh. Vijay pal Singh, AD & Sh. Ramadhar Mehto, AD
08-06-2022 D-146 Transfer of Sh. Rajender Khanna, PS & Sh. Harvinder, Singh, PS
07-06-2022 D-144 Sh. Bhupesh Kumar, Dy. Dir. is hereby entrusted with the assignment of SUR Branch.
07-06-2022 D-143 Disciplinary proceeding againest Sh. Surendra Singh, AD is contemplated/ pending.
06-06-2022 D-356 Kindly arrange to furnish the currency punishment report in respect of following AOs/ AAOs.
06-06-2022 D-140 S. Ramesh Thakur, AAO (iRetd.) additional work of CDF Branch.
06-06-2022 D-139 The following survey officers are hereby deployed to the work related to joint physical verification.
03-06-2022 D-138 Joining of Sh. Sunil Kumar Singh, IAS as Member (DUSIB).
03-06-2022 D-136 Joining of Sh. Gopal Krishan, DJS to the post of Competent Authority.
03-06-2022 D-351 Revision of minimum rates of wages in SE under Minimum Wages Act, 1948 in NCT of Delhi.
30-05-2022 D-129 Dy. Director (REHAB) is hereby assigned the charge of SUR Branch.
30-05-2022 D-128 Member (Admn/ Engg.) is hereby nominated as Nodal Officer of e-Samiksha Portal.
30-05-2022 D-127 Sh. P.K. Jha, B&FO/ Director is hereby nominated as Nodal Officer of e-Office.
30-05-2022 D-346 Sh. P.D. Ashok, SE (Civil) is hereby assigned the charge of Director (Night Shelter).
30-05-2022 D-342 Regarding commemoration of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM).”
25-05-2022 D-119 Approval of the Hon’ble Minister (UD/ Vice-Chairman, DUSIB) the tenure of following temporary created posts.
19-05-2022 D-166 Promotion of following Assistant Directors to the post of Dy. Directors on ad-hoc basis the work distribution is made with immediate effect.
18-05-2022 D-297 Regarding commemoration of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”
17-05-2022 D-110 R.K. Gosain, Director (Admn) is hereby designated as Nodal Officer (AKAM) from DUSIB.
09-05-2022 D-101 Sh. Arun Sharma CE(Elect.) will lookafter the charge of Member (Finance).
09-05-2022 D-268 Circular regarding the compliance of Hon’ble court orders which is self-explanatory for information & strict compliance.
05-05-2022 D-99 The following arrangement is made with the approval of Competent Authority.
05-05-2022 D-98 New assignments of Directors.
02-05-2022 D-96 Relieving of Sh. Vinay Kumar, IAS Member(Admn/Fin/Engg), Sh. S.K. Dania, CE (Civil) shall look after the charge of Member(Admn/Fin/Engg).
29-04-2022 D-95 Work distribution of the following Directors is made with immediate effect.
29-04-2022 D-94 Sh. Vinay Kumar, IAS, Member (DUSIB) deputation is hereby relived from DUSIB.
14-03-2022 D-179 Payment of wages to contractual/ outsourced workers for information & further neccssary action.
22-04-2022 D-91 Assign the CDC to the post of Suptd. Engineer (Civil) to Sh. I.K. Shrivastava, EE (Civil).
13-04-2022 D-238 Preventive measure regarding necessary entries with respect to correct address of the employees in service book as other record such as Medical Card, ID Card including the retired person.
14-03-2022 D-05 Sh. Surender Singh, Asstt. Director (CT) as Buyer/Consigning Officer, DUSIB for procurement of goods & services on GeM Portal.
11-04-2022 D-78 Joining of Sh. Amrendra Kumar, Member Expert, DUSIB (Non official).
07-04-2022 D-223 Completion of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APARs) for the financial year 2021-2022-reg./a>
04-04-2022 10-60 राजभाषा हिन्‍दी का प्रयोग सुनिश्चित करने संबंधी वि‍भिन्‍न परिपत्र
28-03-2022 D-66 Consequent upon joining of Sh. Mukesh Kumar to the post of DCA on deputation basis in DUSIB.
24-03-2022 D-62 Sh. Amarendra Kumar, Member Expert services of the following official is placed at room no.56.
11-03-2022 D-174 Advertisement for the post of Executive Engineer (Electrical) and Asstt. Engineer (Electrical).
09-03-2022 D-162 Advertisement for the post of B&FO.
28-02-2022 D-44 Sh. Ashok Joseph, Dy Director (System) authorized signatory in place of Sh. Shiv Kumar Tyagi, Dy CA.
24-02-2022 D-43 Corrigendum – CEE may be read as CEO.
24-02-2022 D-42 Sh. Pankaj Joshi, Director hereby designaed as Head of Office.
24-02-2022 D-41 The following EE (Elect.) Sh. Rajeev Kumar & Sh. Atul Jain assign the CDC of SE (Elect.).
22-02-2022 D-38 Relieving of Sh. Sharad Kumar, Ad hoc DANICS from DUSIB, the redistribution of the assignment of duties of Director Sh. Kamal Deep.
21-02-2022 D-32 Extension of deputation period of Sh. Mahesh AE (Elect.) w.e.f. 12-10-2021 to 11-10-2022.
09-02-2022 D-101 Sh. Pradeep Chandola, Asstt. Dir. (Admin) nominated as Nodal Officer from DUSIB for MCDs Election 2022.
04-02-2022 D-22 Current Duty Charge to the post of Supdtt. Engineer (Civil) Sh. P.K. Garg, Sh. V.S. Fonia and Sh. P.D. Ashok.
19-01-2022 D-12 Sh. P.K. Jha, Director will also look after the work R.P.Cell, OCM and Rehab.
07-01-2022 D-12 Endorsement – Convey the direction of DDMA dated 06-01-2022.
06-01-2022 D-05 Preventive measures to contain the spread of Nobel Corona Virus (COVID-19).
04-01-2022 D-05 Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return for the year 2021 (as on 31-12-2021) by the officers of Group ‘A’ &’B'-reg.
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